Only Green Organic Hemp Protein

Only Green Organic Hemp Protein

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Try Our Only Green Organic Hemp Protein

If you’re looking for hemp wellness products, we’re proud to introduce our Only Green Organic Hemp Protein. Our hemp wellness product provides a lean, vegan source of protein, with 49g of protein per 500g. We make our Only Green Hemp Protein from cold-pressed hemp seed oil. It’s naturally flavoured, with earthy and nutty tones. You can add our powder to meals, shakes and smoothies to increase protein intake pre and post-workout. It’s the perfect wellness addition to the rest of our CBD range.

Hemp Protein For Hemp Wellness

Hemp powder provides a high-quality source of vegan protein for those who subscribe to a plant-based diet. With no traces of THC, hemp powder won’t get you high. Instead, it provides a lean source of protein for the body. This can help to aid muscle growth and boost metabolism without any saturated fats.

The body requires amino acids to function properly. Of the 22 amino acids, nine are deemed ‘essential’. Hemp protein contains all of these amino acids, providing a complete amino acid profile. As well as this, hemp protein powder is rich in many other vitamins and nutrients, including plant-based fibre and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Directions For Use

To use our Only Green Organic Hemp Protein Powder, simply add one tablespoon of our powder to 17ml water. Shake or blend the mixture for just 10 seconds and consume whenever you require additional protein. Use our Only Green Hemp Protein Powder directly after a workout or between meals for best results.


After opening, seal and store in a cool dry place. Protect the product from high temperatures, moisture and light. Keep out of reach of young children. After opening, consume within one month.


100% milled hemp seed


We deliver CBD and hemp wellness products across the UK from our CBD shop. Visit our CBD cafe in Bristol or contact us to find out more.


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