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The EU and FSA Novel Food Regulation of CBD: Can You Still Buy CBD Oil?

On April 1st 2020, the regulation of CBD oil and other CBD ingestible products will change. This change comes as a large swathe of the CBD industry falls under the EU’s Novel Food status. Suppliers of cannabidiol must apply for Novel Food certification by 31st March. Without this certification, the regulatory body can take products from the shelves and levy fines. How will this impact where you can buy CBD oil? Will you still be able to buy your favourite Only Green products? Read on to find out more.

What Is Novel Food Regulation and How Does It Relate To CBD?

Novel Food regulation, under European Law, describes products, such as some food supplements, that were not consumed extensively by the European population before May 1997. Companies selling products that fall under the Novel Food status must apply for authorisation before they can sell to the public. With CBD oil and other CBD ingestible products now falling under this categorisation, manufacturers and suppliers of CBD oil must have authorisation before they can sell. Scientist working with CBD in a lab

Even with Britain leaving the EU, this additional regulation still applies. The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) is mirroring the EU’s Novel Food status of CBD with the same deadline’s and authorisation requirements. Any extracted CBD oil or isolate is covered by Novel Food status. This includes oils or food products that are infused with CBD extract. Natural hemp products, like hemp protein and some hemp teas, are not Novel Foods. This tightening of CBD UK law puts additional restraints on the sale of CBD. However, it ensures that those who are supplying cannabidiol are doing so with authorisation and the assurance of the best production processes for the customer.

Can I Still Buy CBD Oil From Only Green?

Although this additional regulation creates more bureaucracy around selling CBD for suppliers and manufacturers, there’s good news! Only Green will still be supplying you with the very best CBD oil available! All of the relevant CBD products we sell will have Novel Food authorisation from April 1st. This means that you can still buy CBD oil online from anywhere across the UK or pop into our CBD shop in Bristol and have a chat with us over a coffee. Not sure what is best for you? Check out our CBD buyers’ guide before ordering.

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