Now it goes without saying that no matter how eco-conscious you are, there is always more that we could be doing to improve our immediate environment.

We’ve put our heads together and compiled a list of ways you can live more sustainably for free, that you might not have considered. 


Watch your water usage

A nice and easy way to save energy is by reducing the amount of water you use at home. Aside from installing a water meter, why not try halving the amount of time you spend in the shower, or shutting off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. Small actions can make a big difference and what’s more, by watching the amount of water you use, you can save money on your bill, so it can’t be all that bad ay?

Encourage wildlife back into your garden 

If you are lucky enough to live in a built-up area and have a bit of green space to call your own, have a go at segregating off a small section of it and letting it go wild. You’ll be amazed at how quickly insects and animals will flock to your space, and the positive mental impact such a sight can have. What’s more, you will be helping your local eco-system to flourish and there is no telling what impact that may have on your immediate environment. 

Shop locally

Again, this has a lot to do with where you live, but it is always worth thinking of alternative ways to get your weekly shop. You’ll be surprised at what you can find on the shelves of your local corner shop or greengrocer. By avoiding large supermarkets where possible, you can help curb the amount of fossil fuels and waste packaging involved in getting products from the store to your door.  

Jog on!

Before instinctively hopping into your car, think about how long your journey is going to take compared to walking or public transport. If traffic is usually heavy, you may find you a better off powerwalking to your destination. Not only will you spend less on fuel, but you may also appreciate taking a bit of time to yourself as you strut your stuff. What’s an extra five minutes anyway?

School yourself and get involved 

The internet is an incredible resource, but it can also be counterproductive when trying to find out what opportunities are going on around you. Look at message boards in shop windows and engage with people in your community. You’ll soon get a better idea of what is going on and how you can make a difference. Still can’t find any ways you can contribute locally? Think up your own and encourage others to do the same! 

The takeaway

So there you have it, five quick ways you can live more sustainably and make a change in your community. It’s just a case of getting creative and finding what works for you. 

Have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.