Only Greed CBD Coffee Products With Mug

Although CBD cafe culture is on the rise, with the appetite for cannabidiol food and drinks growing all the time, you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of CBD coffee! You can make cannabidiol coffee from the comfort of your home surprisingly easily! If you’re trying to treat a mental health condition, like anxiety, with CBD, it’s always best to use doses of CBD oil daily in droplets. However, for a relaxing lift at any time of the day, cannabidiol coffee is perfect for some light stress relief. Here, we take a look at how you can make CBD coffee from home in several ways.

How To Make Cannabidiol Coffee – Different Methods

There are several different ways that you can make CBD coffee at home; here are just a few for you to try for yourself!Only Green CBD Coffee With Branded Mug and Coffee Beans

DIY Infusing Coffee With CBD Oil

The DIY method of infusing CBD with coffee is probably the simplest way of getting a relaxing cannabidiol dose with your morning brew. Making cannabidiol coffee this way is a simple way of brewing up coffee at home. Whether you’re using a machine, a french press or boiling up instant coffee, simply stir in a couple of drops of CBD. Simply infuse the same amount you would normally take and “hey presto!”, you have delicious cannabidiol coffee.

Buying Pre-infused Coffee Beans 

Our preferred method is to buy pre-infused coffee beans, like our excellent OG CBD coffee, and use them to make your favourite drink. Our beans contain 200mg of CBD in a 200g bag, and whichever product you choose, the bag should always indicate the quantity of CBD. This can help you ensure that you track your consumption of cannabidiol in line with any other doses you are taking. For a more detailed account of the different products, types of beans available and the laws of CBD coffee, read our guide to CBD coffee in the UK.

French Press

With pre-infused coffee beans, there are two main methods of brewing your coffee. After grinding your beans, making your coffee in a cafetiere, or French press, is often the most popular method. Once brewed, simply pour and add sugar and milk to your liking!

Espresso Machine

You can also make delicious cappuccinos, espressos, lattes and americanos with your infused coffee beans using a standard espresso machine! You can pour beans into a machine with an in-built grinder. Alternatively, grind them yourself beforehand, and follow the instructions for your favourite coffee! Need help frothing your milk? Check these great tips out! Coffee Cup With CBD Coffee and Coffee Beans

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Buy CBD coffee from the Only Green online shop. We deliver across the length and breadth of the UK! If you’d like to find out more about our products, contact us. Alternatively, feel free to come into our CBD cafe in Bristol for a chat. We’d be happy to discuss CBD with you. If you’re based in Bristol, you can even buy food from our tasty menu, as well as high-quality CBD products, via Deliveroo!