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CBD oil is fast becoming one of the most popular natural wellness remedies on the market. But with a constantly growing range of oils and oil-infused products, it can be difficult knowing where to start. If you still don’t know your full-spectrum from your isolate, we demystify the different strengths and types of CBD oil in our buyers’ guide.

What Is CBD Oil Commonly Used For?

Studies into the health benefits of CBD oil are still in relatively early stages, but many have yielded positive results. This research suggests that the regular use of CBD oil may help manage the symptoms of various conditions and ailments. These include:hemp plant sprouting

What Strength CBD Oil Should I Start With?

If you have decided to start your journey into CBD with oil rather than a CBD-infused product, like CBD coffee or balm, you’ll have the option to choose from a scale of strengths. The strength of CBD oil is calculated based on the percentage of CBD extract which is mixed with the carrier oil. For example, a 10ml bottle of oil with 1000mg of CBD has a strength of 10%. 

If you are trying to treat a serious mental or physical condition with CBD, we always recommend that you speak to your doctor first. This is especially true if you are already taking medication for an existing condition. 

A Broad Look At CBD Dosage Best Practice

A 2017 study into CBD found that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to dosage. Instead, it’s always best to abide by the rule of starting low and going from there. If you have never used CBD before, start with 10% strength or less and take a couple of drops twice per day. From there, you can assess how your body reacts to the remedy and increase or decrease your dosage as you see fit. Some people may be more sensitive to CBD than others, which would require different dosages to get the same effect. 

The dosage you take will also depend on the kinds of symptoms you are looking to treat. If you are just trying to get a better night’s sleep or reduce some stress, you may be able to administer low doses of CBD just a couple of times a day. However, if you are treating cancer-related symptoms or a diagnosed mental health condition, then it is likely that you will require larger doses of stronger CBD more frequently.

Dosages For Specific Conditions

As mentioned above, the evidence into universal CBD dosages is inconclusive. However, some human tests have provided an initial dosage framework for several conditions.

For anxiety disorders, The Journal of the American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics has found evidence that ‘strongly supports’ the efficacy of daily doses between 300 and 600mg. The same study even found that CBD may be effective for those suffering from PTSD and improves the efficacy of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Dosage trials for other conditions have also been carried out, with the below results:

  • Bowel diseases – a dose of 5mg twice per day.
  • Cancer-related symptoms – daily doses of between 50mg and 300mg
  • Parkinson’s Disease – daily doses between 75 and 300mg
  • Insomnia and General Poor Sleep – 25 mg per day 

Whatever condition or ailment you are trying to treat with daily doses of CBD, you should always start small. Work your way up, keeping in mind the above-recommended doses, but always going with what feels right for you. Each drop of our 10% Only Green CBD Oil contains around 5mg of CBD and each drop of our 20% oil contains 10mg. So, as a starting point to help you get a better night’s sleep, we could recommend taking a couple of drops of our 10% oil twice per day.

Dosages for Pets

If you have bought CBD oil for pets, you should base the dosage on the weight of your dog or cat. As a basic rule of thumb, give your pet around 0.2mg of oil per pound that they weigh. However, the same rule of starting small applies.A Bottle of Only Green CBD Oil For Pets

Full-Spectrum vs Isolate: What’s The Difference?

Full-spectrum oil is the raw form of oil extracted from the cannabis plant. It contains trace levels of THC, terpenes, flavonoids as well as a range of cannabinoids including CBD. Isolate oil has had the additional traces of THC and terpenes extracted, leaving just cannabidiol. 

The additional compounds found in full-spectrum oil can help the body to absorb CBD more naturally. CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains only 99.9% pure CBD. The scientific-accuracy of isolate and the extraction of trace THC removes any risk of the chemical flagging on a drugs test for athletes or in the workplace.

Here at Only Green, we believe that there are use cases for both full-spectrum oils and pure CBD isolate oils. It all depends on the user and the circumstances. No matter which extracted CBD oil you choose, the source of the CBD and quality of the extraction process is also crucial for the end product. We ensure all of our Only Green products have the highest-quality process from seed to shelf. 

CBD For Localised Pain 

If you are using CBD as a treatment for localised pain, we would recommend choosing one of our CBD balm products. Applying our balm to sore joints or areas of muscle pain may ease the symptoms. 

Find Out More About CBD Oil From Only Green

If you would like to find out more about CBD, feel free to contact us today! All of our CBD oil has Novel Food status and is compliant with the relevant UK regulations. Alternatively, pop into our Stoke’s Croft CBD shop and cafe for a chat. We’d love to meet you!