21 April 2021

A Brief Guide To CBD Infused Drinks and Edibles In The UK

With the explosion of CBD oil, tinctures, balms and other CBD products across the market, it’s no surprise that drinks and edibles have also become increasingly popular. The internet is awash with brands selling CBD drinks, as well as edibles and cannabinoid snacks. CBD-infused drinks and edibles in the UK can be used both recreationally and therapeutically. However, using CBD oil drops is usually the best way to administer CBD as a treatment for mental health conditions. From CBD coffee and tea to cocktails, we take a look at the most popular CBD food and drinks in the UK, where you can find them and if they’re worth it.

Popular CBD Drinks In The UK

There are countless popular CBD drinks in the UK; here we take a look at just a few.

CBD Coffee and Tea

CBD coffee and tea have both become popular cannabidiol-infused drinks across the world. Luckily for you, we stock OG CBD coffee and tea in our online store and our cafe in Bristol! You can brew CBD coffee and tea at home using CBD oil drops, or you can buy CBD coffee beans directly from us to use in your french press or espresso machine. CBD cafes, just like ours in Bristol, are also popping up across the country as wellness lifestyles become more mainstream. If you’d like to find out more about CBD coffee, you can read our guide on cannabinoid coffee culture in the UK.

Cannabinoid Cocktails

CBD cocktails have become the standard-bearer for the CBD drinks industry. Cocktails are available to buy in some CBD-themed bars or pre-made and delivered to your door. Some people believe that the introduction of CBD into alcoholic drinks negates some of the negative impacts of alcohol. These include inflammation and cellular damage. Some people also believe that those who combine around 200mg of CBD with alcohol have lower levels of alcohol in their blood. Although the research on all of this is sparse, CBD drinks are, at the very least, a delicious and fun way to take CBD!

Juices & Kombucha

CBD fits naturally alongside juices, smoothies and other health drinks like Kombucha. Already making up a significant part of the health and wellness market, you can enhance healthy drinks with just a few drops of CBD for a calming, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant kick. If drinking Kombucha, juices or smoothies is already a part of your daily wellness routine, adding some cannabidiol can only improve it!

CBD Water

Water is the elixir of life; many small health issues – like gaining weight or headaches – can be reduced by drinking more water. Many brands have begun infusing sparkling and flavoured water with drops of CBD. These drinks provide relaxing, meditative and therapeutic notes with every sip. If you want to save on some money, you can always infuse – and even flavour and carbonate – water in the comfort of your own home with the right equipment and ingredients.

CBD Edibles and Snackshemp plant sprouting

Edible CBD products are also rising in popularity – here are some of our favourites.

CBD Gummies

Gummies have become a popular way of effectively taking CBD. Just like regular sweets, CBD-infused gummies are delicious, a great treat and perfect for children who need to take cannabidiol.

CBD Protein Bars

For sports enthusiasts who want to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, cannabidiol protein bars are now available. Protein bars already have excellent health benefits, but these are improved with the calming effect of CBD. For those looking to use CBD to improve workout recovery, CBD protein bars are an excellent choice.

Cakes, Brownies and Other Baked Treats

Finally, the internet is now full to the brim of excellent recipes for tasty baked treats which are infused with CBD. Simply add CBD oil to your favourite cake, brownie or flapjack recipe. Just a few drops can create a tasty snack with a dose of relaxing CBD.

Why Use CBD Drinks and Edibles?

Although it’s widely thought that administering CBD through oil droplets is the most effective way to reap the medical benefits, there are benefits to eating and drinking CBD-infused consumables. First and foremost, they taste great! Although CBD oil has a natural flavour, some may not like it. By eating and drinking cannabidiol-infused products, you can experience the benefits of CBD while eating or drinking something delicious!

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Moreover, it’s easy to make DIY CBD food or drink by simply mixing a few droplets while whipping up lunch. This means that you can take your dose throughout the day at a time that suits you and keep a tab on how much you’re taking. If you use CBD as a way to decompress and relax, then infusing it into food and drink may be one of the best ways to take it.

Buy CBD Oil and Drinks From Only Green in Bristol

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