16 April 2021

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CBD Coffee In The UK: Where Can I Buy It, What Are The Benefits and Is It Legal?

Many people commonly use cannabidiol (CBD) as a form of anxiety management, pain relief and muscle recovery. Research into CBD indicates that it has a wide range of health benefits. These include reducing inflammation, improving skincare, aiding muscle recovery and as an effective treatment for anxiety, depression and several other mental health conditions. However, it’s also possible to take CBD more recreationally; not as a medical product but infused with food and drinks. When consuming cannabidiol-infused food or drink, like CBD coffee, you should not expect the same therapeutic efficacy as CBD oil. Instead, drink CBD coffee for a relaxing lift in the morning; something to unwind to. Here, we take a closer look at CBD coffee in the UK. What its benefits are, where to buy it and the latest legalities surrounding CBD drinks and edibles.

Our Guide to CBD Coffee In The UK

CBD food and drink has become increasingly popular in the UK. From brew-at-home CBD coffee and tea to CBD edibles and much more, new ways to take cannabidiol are always emerging. Read on to find out more about CBD coffee in the UK.

How Is Cannabinoid-infused Coffee Made?

CBD coffee is made by either infusing coffee beans before brewing, or infusing a brewed coffee with a couple of drops of full-spectrum or isolate CBD oil. The simplest way to infuse your morning coffee with a dose of CBD is to stir in a couple of droplets from your bottle of CBD oil. With this method, you can brew CBD coffee from the comfort of your own home!

Alternatively, buy a bag of pre-infused coffee beans from Only Green. We grow our beans on the volcanic slopes of Kilimanjaro. We then infuse them with high-quality CBD during the roasting process to provide you with a morning kick that relaxes you at the same time.

Where To Buy CBD Coffee In The UK

If you’re interested in trying the benefits of CBD coffee for yourself, there are several options available. Do you have a coffee grinder or brewing machine at home? You can use CBD-infused coffee beans from a novel food status-approved supplier, like Only Green,  in your machine or french press. If you prefer to take a load off when you’re out and about, the CBD cafe craze is blossoming across the UK. More cafes are opening across the country that sells CBD-infused foods, drinks, coffee and other products. With health and wellness becoming increasingly intertwined into the hospitality, food and drink sectors, you can find CBD products on the high street much more frequently.

The Benefits of CBD Coffeewooden dice spelling out CBD

CBD Coffee May Help with Anxiety and Mental Health Issues

There is little research on the efficacy of CBD-infused food and drink products for treating mental and physical health conditions. Especially in comparison to oils and tinctures. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body and can have a positive impact on mental health issues. That remains true whether CBD is ingested through an infused drink or oil. So, drinking CBD coffee can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, although CBD oil is thought to be the most effective way to administer CBD.

If you are serious about treating a mental health condition or physical ailment, you should always consult a doctor or mental health professional first. If you end up choosing a natural cannabinoid remedy, we often suggest buying from our range of oils. CBD tea, coffee, food and other drinks can help you relax. However, sticking to daily dosages is far easier using tinctures or drops.

Cannabinoid-infused Drinks Can Provide a Relaxing Lift

The main benefit of drinking CBD coffee is to provide a relaxing way to wake up in the morning. You shouldn’t necessarily view CBD coffee as a medical product. Instead, recognising it as a soothing drink that will keep you alert in the mornings as well is more realistic.

Enjoy The Benefits of Coffee Without With Additional Anxiety

If you tend to feel anxious after drinking too much coffee, switching to a CBD-infused coffee may be an effective way to help reduce any side effects from the caffeine. CBD is a naturally calming chemical compound that can reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind. With cannabidiol-infused coffee, you enjoy the awakening benefits of coffee without any of the negative side effects that can come with it!

CBD Coffee Under UK Law and Novel Food Status

CBD coffee is legal to buy in the UK from authorised vendors. From the 1st April 2021, CBD products, including CBD coffee, came under the EU and Food Standards Agency (FSA) Novel Food Status rules. These rules require suppliers to have approved Novel Food Application (NFA) forms, which go into fine detail about a product, how it is made and how it will be sold. cannabis leaf under gavel

Almost every type of CBD product falls under this new regulation, which does add some bureaucracy for suppliers and retailers, but should help to ensure the quality of CBD products being sold in the UK. As such, any supplier you buy a bag of CBD-infused beans from should already have approval. The FSA in the UK has the power to remove stock from shelves if a supplier is selling CBD products without authorisation. So, you can rest assured, with this new legislation, that the CBD coffee you buy from us is completely legal, compliant with regulation and of a high standard of quality.

Buy Fresh CBD From Only Green

Buy CBD coffee from the Only Green online shop; we deliver across the UK! If you’d like to find out more about us, contact us. Alternatively, pop into our CBD cafe in Bristol for a chat. We’d be happy to discuss CBD with you. If you’re based in Bristol, you can even buy food from our tasty menu, as well as high-quality CBD products, via Deliveroo!

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